Words you didn't learn in spanish class

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A key aspect of any world culture is the colloquial language. In this post I will share what I have learned about common idioms and phrases.

It's noteworthy that the words used with greatest frequency in colloquial language are the words not taught in spanish class. I learned these words relatively quickly and am now happy to share them with you.

This word is used with incredible versatility
Puto (m) means gay or asshole.
Puta (f) means gay, and also bitch or slut
Hijo de puta, a very common phrase, means son of a bitch. It is used endearingly as well as offensively.
Él es puto - he is homosexual
Duele como la puta madre - it hurts like a bitch

¿Qué mierda? (lit. 'what shit?') means WTF?
Se fue a la mierda (lit. 'he left to the shit') means he disappeared

¡Joder hombre! translates as fuck man!

To fuck.
Culeador - fucker, ie. 'one who fucks'.
¡Vamos a culear las putas! - let's go fuck bitches

Tiene tremendo culo - She has a tremendous ass
Cara a culo - Assface, this describes an unpleasant appearance
Huele a culo - (lit. smells like butt). I believe the meaning is similar to 'Se fue a la mierda' (It's disappeared), to be used when something goes missing.

Idiot, moron.
¡Vos sos pelotudo! - You're such an idiot
(etym. - originally denoting 'big balls' or pelotas)

Dummy, less offensive and more lighthearted than pelotudo
¡Que boludo! - You big dummy!
(etym. - possible derived from bola meaning 'cock')
Synonyms: tarado, imbécil, estupido, sonso, tonto, idiota, energúmeno

Pene - penis (Note: not slang; this is the word a doctor would use)
Bola - easy to remember because it sounds like balls
Palo - lit. rod


- lit. whistle




- lit. 'this one'

Vagina - no translation necessary
- conch
Tuna -
nothing to do with the fish. According to my dictionary, tuna means prickly pear, a desert cactus that bears an edible red fruit.

To drink (alcohol), usually in excess.
¡A chupar! - Let's get bombed! In La Rioja you hear this frequently on Friday and Saturday nights.
The verb chupar literally means "suck." Eg.:
Chupa dedos - suck your fingers (after eating).
Chupa pecho - breastfeeding.
Chupacabra - goatsucker.
¡Chupame la pija! - suck my balls! Used frequently by my younger brother Nacho.

Chapar (not to be confused with chupar)
To make out; to hook up.
¡A chapar! - We're gonna kiss some girls(/boys) tonight!
(Note: often used in conjunction with '¡A chupar!')
Un/una chapista - a man/woman who hooks up with numerous partners.

Borracho, Chupado, and En pedo (lit. - in a fart) are all synonyms for drunk


To help me adjust to the language, my host brothers have been speaking in English as much as they are able. A sampling of a typical conversation:

David (18 y.o.): Hola, Mauricio
Mauricio (17): Hello, bitch!
Joaquín (9): Hey Deivid, fuck you man! you're fuckin bitch!
Nacho (13): Hey Deivid, ¡Chupame la pija!
David: Hey Nacho. Nacho!
Nacho: Yea?
David: Shut the fuck up.
Nacho: Ooooh yeah. Fuck you man. You're the best bitch. You're the king of bitch. You're the queen of bitch. You're the bitch of bitch. You'--
Mauricio: Che Deivid, ¡prestame el fucking iPod! (give me the fucking iPod)
David: Fuck you, chango (ie. - dude, man, homeboy)
Nacho: Hey Deivid. You see this shirt? It's the best! This shirt the best bitch. You're shirt? You're shirt is not bitch. It's the worst bitch. Yeeaaaah. ¡Todo piola chango! (It's all good, homeboy)

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